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The origin and history of Colombian coffee is one of the six articles in the first issue of the travel magazine Voyagers Voice.

Voyagers Voice is a digital travel magazine. It is a project together with Food and Travel, GD Travel, Italia Straniera and bontryp. Also Free Tour Revolucion and Lho Discovery collaborated in the first isuee. The magazine seeks to inform travellers about the culture and art of a country. The articles are written by people who live for many years in that place and of course by native people.

Through the origin and history of the Colombian coffee.the travellers can understand Colombian culture.  Below there is a brief sample of the article

The article

Besides being a country with many beautiful destinations full of culture, Colombia is famous for being one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. With all that fauna and flora that characterises this territory. In 1999, a group of Colombian businessmen founded the National Agricultural Cultural Park called Panaca. Panaca is located in the municipality of Quimbaya, in the region of Quindío.

The park seeks to promote the interaction of man with nature and domestic zoology. It is a theme park, which offers shows, eight thematic stations and more than 4500 domestic animals, and aims for visitors to learn about the main activities of the agricultural sector, as well as the traditions of the field.

Coffee grapes

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