Nowadays, many people decide to study outside their home country. Often they decide to do this simply for the experience of studying abroad or for the quality of a particular course available at an educational institution in that country.

As a citizen of the European Community, people have the right to study at a university in any member country.

Sometimes, deciding which country to study in is not so simple. The student needs to bear in mind various factors, such as university fees, educational quality , the cost of living and in which language the classes are held.

Almost all universities in any country tend to have classes in English, whilst there are universities where classes are in the official language of that country. In this case, you may have to take a language test before being able to register.

However several European countries, offer completely free university education for European Community, Swiss and American citizens. Some of these are Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, among others. Other countries charge a minimal tuition fee and/or a

Here you can find all kinds of useful information about studying in European countries,

Last modified: 07/10/2020