Voyagers Voice Magazine

Bontryp is a site that provides travellers the best deals (the cheapest destination for a specific date or the lowest price for a specific destination). At the same time, we also inspire travellers through a free digital travel magazine named Voyagers Voice. Voyagers Voice informs travellers especially about the culture and art. The articles are written above all by native people or people who live or have lived for many years in that place.

The free digital travel magazine promotes also sustainable and responsible travel, respecting the environment and cultures. Voyagers Voice also committed to promoting initiatives for supporting and improving the accessibility of places and transport. With this commitment, we intend to transmit equality and a world without barriers. The magazine aims to share an authentic knowledge of the people of the world, from the best-known places to the most remote corners of the earth.

Voyagers Voice is a co-venture among Italia Straniera, Food and Travel, GD travel, and bontryp. The travel magazine is a co-creation project, where the founders and collaborators work together, pursuing the same common goal.

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Last modified: 15/06/2022