Tips of traveling by train

The most ecological, the most comfortable and most beautiful way to travel is by train. With high train speed, on many occasions traveling by train is faster than by plane, if we think in the waiting time at the airports, people still travel more by plane in medium-short distances.

Low cost companies

So, why does the people still prefer travelling by plane? The reason is strictly economic. The low cost airlines have lower prices and the railway companies can not be economical more competitive. Fortunately in the last years, train companies have also adopted the low-cost formula and are therefore are more competitive.

List of low cost train companies in Europe, where travelling is not so expensive,

FlixTrain German train company with routes across Germany and with possible expansion into Sweden.

Regio Jet a Czech train company that connects the three countries of Central Europe with their respective capitals Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Renfe AVLO a Spanish railway company that had to postpone its inauguration due to Covid-19, but which will surely soon start with its cheaper rates.

Ouigo French railway low cost company with routes across France and one router in Spain (Madrid-Barcelona).

Another way to travel cheaper with the train is the Interrail. With Interrail you can travel to more countries from a minimum of 4 days to a maximum of 3 months. The European Community each year offer the possiblity to young people who turn 18 years old to participate of free Interrail through an application.

To search for or buy train or bus tickets, we recommend using the Trainline platform, which works with 270 railway and coach companies to offer any user the possibility of travelling to thousands of destinations in 45 European countries.



Last modified: 14/02/2023