Embassy and consulates represent your rights and obligations abroad as regards your country. Each person who travels or lives abroad, needs to know the embassy or consulate that belongs to him/her. For any problem they may arise during your holidays abroad is good to know the phone number of your consulate. If you are not a traveler, but you are living abroad is very important to know your consulate. When you move abroad, you have to inform the consulate that belongs to you of your moving.  Withou the registration you are not able to carry out procedures such as the renewal of the passport, the vote etc.

That is why we leave you the link of Embassy finder all around the world. Due to many consulates in each country, we advise you to either call your Embassy to get the address of the consulate or simply type in any search engine “Consulate, origin country and country in which you are looking for the consulate” . For example in google you can write “Italian Consulate in Spain”.

Last modified: 15/09/2020