Tips of traveling by plane

With the technological development and commercialization of airplanes, the low cost airlines began to operate. That meant the price drop on plane tickets. In that some low-cost airline became the airline with the most economic benefit in aviation.

Traveling with low cost airlines is undoubtedly a great advantage. If you are not careful, the advantage can turn into a disadvantage. Some airlines charge expensive carry-on luggage and thus the price rises.

Low Cost Airlines

We would like togive some  links of the most important low cost airlines in Europe

Ryanair, the Irish low cost airline most loved (for prices) and at the same time most hated (baggage policy) by users.

Wizz Air the Hungarian low cost airline, which today is Ryanair’s biggest competition.

Laudamotion the Austrian low cost airline and is owned by Ryanair.

Easy Jet the British low cost airline with more expensive prices than the other three previous airlines, but with the equipment always included in the final price of the ticket.

Volotea, the Spanish low cost airline with the same baggage policy as Easy Jet.

For people who usually take the plane more than twice a year, we recommend to pay the annual membership fee of an airline and in such a way take advantage of the advantages that this entails. We believe that the best benefits are offered by Volotea. The fee costs 50 Euros per year. Several times per year there are  promotions for members with plane tickets for 1 Euro each way.

The most important tips for traveling by plane cheapyl are:

To be flexible: (with dates and destinations). Normally the most expensive prices are if you travel on weekends, at Christmas or in the summer months.

Try to use secondary airports: the ticket are cheaper because the airlines pay less airport taxes compared to important airports.

Adapt to any departure or arrival schedule: Normally most of the people prefers to travel in the morning or in the afternoon. That’s why prices go down if you travel at dawn or at night.

Promotions tickets: Take advantage of the purchase of tickets when the airlines are promoting. From time to time and several times per year each airline promotes economic tickets to fill the routes with fewer passengers.



Last modified: 02/10/2020