In the 80s, many people traveled by buses, because they were the most economical transportation. When the low cost airlines began to get customers for their low prices, the bus companies had to renew themselves.

Since the prices on the buses are more affordable and the trips more pleasant thanks to their more comfortable seats, many people have returned to using the buses for their trips.

We would like to give some tips to travel by bus in a cheaper way.

Many people prefers to travel by bus at night because in that way save money of the accommodation.

Another way of saving money is to travel at dawn, Normally at that time the fares are lower.

From time to time there are some promotional codes or coupons to traveli cheaper.

Normally when a bus operator is offering promotions, the competition will also do the same, if don’t want to lose customers.

Here is the list of low cost buses or buses, where you can travel cheaply across Europe.

We also would like to suggest some bus companies which have cheap rates to travel across Europe.

Flixbus German low cost bus company, leadre in Europe, with routes in almost every european country.

Blablabus or formerly Ouibus is a French company, with routes in other european countries such are France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republik, Uk

Regio Jet Czech low cost bus company, which operates on several european countries such are Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia etc.

Onnibus, Finnish bus company, which operates across Finland.

Nomago: Slovenian bus company, with routes across Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Italy etc.

Ecolines Polis bus company, which in Eastern, Western Europe and also cross Baltic countries.

Lux Express Estonian bus company, with many routes across Baltic countries.


Last modified: 02/10/2020