Tips of traveling by car

Traveling by car means having the freedom to move where you want.

Before the technological development, some people travelled by car. That people worked in factories and used to go in August on vacation by car (especially the family). The prices of the airplanes ticket started to drop and that meant a drastic reduction of traveling by car.

Nowadays the car has become more important, because the car rental companies has found a good way to make business. They offer the possibility to the people to travel from one point of the country to another. In this way, customers return the rental car to the car rental office in the indicated city. The price for the customers is ridiculous (1 Euro) and sometimes even free. The company saves a significant sum of money for the transfer of vehicles to other offices in the country. That operation  is called vehicle relocation.

However here are some links, where you can take advantage of traveling almost for free.

Europcar, Hertz, Movacar, Starcar, Interrent and Driiveme



Last modified: 02/10/2020