Bureaucratic Paperwork

Have you ever made the move to live or work in another country? Did you have problems obtaining all the information related to moving abroad?

For us, it seems important to provide the information for all those who decide to move abroad.

As you know, moving to a country takes up a lot of time searching for bureaucratic information. Once you get that information, you need to go through the tedious procedures to be able to carry out essential activities in a new country. Thanks to their diligent work, at Eupapeleo you can find all kinds of information on different European countries. Here you will find information on aspects, such as how to register in a new country, how to open a bank account. You can also find out about Social Security, taxes and all the information you need to know when decide to move to another country. The website is in Spanish, so for those who are not Spanish speakers, we recommend using the Google translator or other translation sites.

Last modified: 07/10/2020