For all the travelers who follow us, today bontryp provides the following travel deal. The Turkish airline Pegasus is promoting 15 thousand flights tickets for 1 Euro + taxes. The offer is valid until until 25 September 2020. The travel peiod is from  is November 2020 to March 2021
So if you plan to travel in this period to or from Turkey, take a look at the official website Pegasus

Company Name: Pegasus

Sales period: until 25 September 2020

Travel period: from November 2020 to March 2021

Routes: national or international flights from or to turkey

Price:  1 Eur + taxes


If you want to know about the turkisy baggage policy, you can take a look at Pegassus baggage Policy 

Pegasus is a turkish airlines with head office in Istanbul. Pegasus not only flies only across Europe, but also to some Middle East countries  So if you need to know where the turkish airline flies,here you can find some of their destinations Pegasus Destinations

Pegasus Promo

Note: bontryp is not a travel agency and therefore does not sell these airline, tickets and does not make accommodation reservations.

The price of accommodatios and the airline tickets we advertise are valid at the time of publication. Customers should be aware that offers are only available for a very limited period.

Last modified: 26/12/2020



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