For all the travelers who follow us, today bontryp provides the following travel deal. Slovenian travel agency Nomago is offering ba promotion of bus tickets from 1 Euro one way across Europe. The travel period is until 1 April 2020. There is an example of one-way ticket from Stuttgart to Frankfurt on 20 March for 1 Euro.

So, if you think to travel in this period, do not hesitate to take a look at official website of the company Nomago 

Do not miss out the offer of Nomago bus tickets from 1 Euro and travel across some euroepan cuntries almos for free.

To know if there are some others offers of the Nomago Company, you can write on the searchbar of our website the word “Nomago” or take a look at Slovenia & Croatia travel deals

Nomago is a slovenian bus company with the head office in Ljubljana. It operates across several Central European countries. To know the routes of the company, you can take a look at Nomago Routes 


Note: bontryp is not a travel agency and therefore does not sell these bus tickets.

However the price of the bus tickets we advertise are valid at the time of publication. Customers should be aware that offers are only available for a very limited period.

screenshot bus ticket

Last modified: 13/01/2021



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