Due to the covid-19 pandemic, instead of the travel deal, bontryp provides you a virtual tour. Katowice is one of the biggest city of Poland. Of course, for all those travelers who think of Katowice as their next destination, bontryp offers you the link of Katowice virtual tour. We also recommend some of the most important museums, monuments and top places of this city.

Katowice Virtual Tour


List of museums and top places

Katowice History Museum

Silesia Museum

Guitar History Museum

Walcownia Museum

Asylum House of Fear


Katowice Cathedral

Main Square

Mariacka Street

St. Mary’s Church

Nikiszowiec quarter

Silesian Park

Kosciuszko Park

Wyspianksi Silesian Theater

Spodek Arena

Goldstein Palace


Plan your trip

So if you reach Katowice by plane by bus or by train, you can find the information of the  Katowice Airport , katowice Bus Station or Katowice Train Station

To prepare and organize better your trip, we recommend you to click on Katowice Climate

If you want to know about the travel costs or want to have general informations of museums, attractions, things to do in Katowice etc, click Travel Cost

To know if there are some travel deals of Katowice, you can check Poland & Baltic countries travel deals

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