For all the travelers who follow us, today bontryp provides the following travel deal. The British low-cost airline  Easy Jet, is offering a promo of one-way flight tickets from 7.99 Euros across Europe. The travel period is from July 2020  to March 2021 both included. Here there are some examples of one-way ticket from Porto to Montpellier and from Reus to London in October for 7,99 Euros.

So if you plan to travel in this period, take a look at the official website of Easy Jet and take advantage on the promo of one-way flight tickets from 7.99 Euros across Europe.

Airline: Easy Jet

Type of ticket: one way

Travel period: from July 2020 to March 2021

Price: 7,99 Euros

Routes: across Europe


Easy Jet baggage policy  Each passenger can bring one hand luggage The first may have maximum measurements of 56x45x25 cm, including wheels, pockets, handles, or any other accessory element of your bag.

Easy Jet is a british low cost airlines with head office in Luton. The british low cost airline is well known for its baggage always included in the final price.

Screenshot one-way ticket Reus-London Screenshot one-way ticket Porto-Montpellier

Note: bontryp is not a travel agency and therefore does not sell these airline tickets .

However the price of the airline tickets we advertise are valid at the time of publication. 

Last modified: 02/01/2021



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