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Welcome! I am Marco Geri, the author of this Web site. The proprietors of the pages Web must have to inform to the users on the type into cookies, the duration and the intention of each one of them who can find in bontryp, sailing by our page, as he settles down in regulation LSSI-CE (Law of the information society and electronic commerce).

bontryp.com uses its own cookies that, therefore, that guarantees the user has one better experience of navigation, that can share content in the social networks and that obtains statistics and habits of navigation of the users of this page.

Like user, it must right not to allow that cookies in their computer settle, blocking through the configuration of its navigator, with the consequence of which this site does not finish correctly.
According to article 22,2 of Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce: if it continues sailing, is giving its consent for the use of these cookies.

For that reason it is important that it reads this policy of cookies, since if continues sailing in this Web site, considers that accepts the use of cookies.
In case that it does not separate what is a cake, the definition in an oration. The cookies are like small text files that a Web site stores in the navigator of the user and whose function is to facilitate the use and the navigation of that Web site, facilitating the habits of navigation of the user through that Web site in individual.

The cookies do not store to their personal and banking information or another information. The data that keep are statistical, characteristic personal, personalización of content of that type of information.
Before differentiating the types from cookies that exist, it is divided in third in his. The own cookies are generated by the page Web that is being visited, whereas third the suppliers or external services that a page has Web like the social networks, Mailchimp, Google, etc. are generated by.
There are three types of cakes.

Cookies technical: through these cookies it is possible knowledge, among other things, when a human being or an automated application is sailing, when an anonymous and registered user sails.
Cookies of analysis: through these cookies, information is compiled on the type of navigation that a user makes, the time interval, the language, the products that are consulted, etc.

Cookies advertising: they serve to show publicity based on its navigation, from the origin place.
The types of cookies that use in bontryp, which they are generated through my administrator of creation Web that is WordPress are:
Beginning of session: it will be used for the operation of the page so that its computer can initiate session and it allows him to enter and to leave bontryp.
Personalization: these cookies can help to remember whereupon Web sites have interacted, so that it can show to him contained related.

Preferences: with these cookies it can remember its configuration and preferences, like its favourite language and its configuration of privacy.
Security: through these cookies it allows us to know if somebody is trying to hackear its account bontryp.
As far as the cookies of third that use, are mainly provisional and those that often we cannot inform to him. These cookies are single for evaluation and study.
The cookies of third that we used in bontryp are generated by
Google Analytics, that is a service of analysis Web, with that we can analyze the use that makes the users.

Here it can consult the cookies that Google uses.
Cookies of social networks:
Cookie de Facebook, according to the arranged thing in its Cookie Policy
Cookie de Twitter, according to the arranged thing in its Cookie Policy
Cookie de Instagram, according to the arranged thing in its Cookie Policy
Cookie de YouTube, according to the arranged thing in its Policy of Cookie Policy





Last modified: 10/11/2019