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Welcome! I am Marco Geri the author of this website.   The owners of web pages have a duty to inform users about the type of cookies, the duration and purpose of each of them that you can find in bontryp, browsing our page, as set out in the LSSI-CE regulation (Law of the information society and electronic commerce). uses its own cookies than those of third parties and thus ensure that the user has a better browsing experience, that they can share content on social networks and so that we can obtain statistics and browsing habits of the users of this page.

As a user, you have the right not to allow cookies to be installed in your computer, by blocking them through your browser settings, with the consequence that this site will not end up properly.

According to article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce: if you continue browsing, you are giving consent for the use of these cookies.

That is why it is important that you read this cookie policy, since if you continue browsing this website, I will consider that you accept the use of cookies.

In case you don’t know what a cookie is, I define it in a sentence. Cookies are like small text files that a website stores in the user’s browser and whose function is to facilitate the use and navigation of that website, facilitating the user’s browsing habits through that particular website.

Cookies do not store your personal information and bank or other information. The data they save is statistical, personal preferences, content personalization that type of information.

Before differentiating the types of cookies that exist, they are divided into their own in third parties. The own cookies are generated by the web page that is being visited, while the third ones are generated by the external providers or services that a web page has such as social networks, Mailchimp, Google etc.

There are three types of cookies

Technical cookies: through these cookies it is possible to know among other things, when a human being or an automated application is browsing, when an anonymous and registered user navigates.

Analysis cookies: through these cookies, information is collected on the type of navigation a user is doing, the time slot, the language, which products are consulted, etc.

Advertising cookies: these serve to show advertising based on your browsing, from the place of origin.

The types of cookies that I use in bontryp, which are generated through my web creation manager that is WordPress are:

Login: they are used for the operation of the page so that your computer can login and allow you to enter and exit bontryp.

Personalization: these cookies help you remember which websites you have interacted with, so that I can show you related content.

Preferences: with these cookies you can remember your settings and preferences, such as your preferred language and privacy settings.

Security: through these cookies lets us know if someone is trying to hack your bontryp account.

As for the third-party cookies I use, they are mainly provisional and to which we are often unable to inform you. These cookies are only for assessment and study.

The third-party cookies we use in bontryp are generated by

Google Analytics, which is a web analysis service, with which we can analyze the use made by users. Here You can check the cookies that are being used by Google.

Social Network Cookies:

Facebook cookie, as provided in your Cookies Policy

Twitter cookie, as provided in your  Privacy policy and use of cookies

Cookie de Instagram, según lo dispuesto en su Cookies policy

Cookie de YouTube, según lo dispuesto en su  Cookies policy

If you do not want to have any cookies on your device, you can configure your browser so that you are notified before any cookies are downloaded.

Here I leave the links that explain how to enable and disable cookies from several usual browsers.

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