Flights : Direct

Date of the flights : from  26/11/2019 – 6/12/2019


Routes / Rutas

Brussels – Vienna                   (26/11/2019)                                       5 EUR

Vienna – Stockolm                (29/11/2019)                                      5 EUR

Stockholm . Warsaw              (2/12/2019)                 106 SEK    9.75 EUR

Warsaw – Brussels                 (6/12/2019)                 39 PLZ            9 EUR


Price : 28.75 Euros


Airline: Rynair, Laudamotion

Type of Ticket : One way


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Brussels – Vienna

Vienna – Stockolm

Stockholm . Warsaw

Warsaw – Brussels


Captura pantalla ticketCaptura pantalla ticketCaptura pantalla ticketCaptura pantalla ticket


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